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Defeat in pub TV football appeal (Read 3135 times)

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Defeat in pub TV football appeal
Dec 21st, 2007, 10:17pm
Story from BBC NEWS:
A publican has suffered a setback in her High Court battle to use a foreign broadcaster - instead of BSkyB - to show live UK football to her customers.  
Karen Murphy, who runs a pub in Southsea, Hampshire, was appealing against a copyright theft conviction.  
She had used a dish which allowed her to receive UK games from Greek station Nova for 800 a year, instead of paying 6,000 a year for BSkyB.  
Judges ruled against her appeal but it will now be reconsidered under EU laws.  
Ms Murphy's use of the Greek equipment also allowed her to show live games on a Saturday afternoon, which the Premier League does not make available to companies broadcasting in England.  
Ms Murphy, who runs the Red, White and Blue pub, had argued she had not committed a crime under UK laws aimed at stopping criminal copyright theft.  
But Lord Justice Pumfrey, sitting with Mr Justice Stanley Burnton, dismissed the appeal based on domestic law.  
He said BSkyB had the exclusive right to screen or broadcast the matches in question in the UK and it was "apparent" Ms Murphy knew that was the case.
But he added that the court had not heard arguments about whether European competition and free movement legislation might affect the case.  
In their statement, the judges said: "So far as the competition law case is concerned, we do not at present follow how it is to be developed, and this appeal must therefore be restored for these points to be argued if that is what the appellant want." they said.  
The court granted Ms Murphy permission to reopen the appeal at a one-day hearing in January.  
Premier League spokesman Dan Johnson said: "We hope that publicans and others will now heed the advice of the courts and accept that the use of foreign satellite systems to screen Premier League football in the UK is copyright theft, pure and simple." said league spokesman Dan Johnson.  
But Ms Murphy's lawyer Paul Dixon stressed the case was not yet over. He said: "In footballing terms, we are in the half-time interval, and every football fan knows that the game is never over and nor is the result certain until the final whistle," he said.  
"We have always said that this case is all about European law, and the High Court has not yet heard argument on the European Union issues," he added.  
There are several companies that install foreign satellite equipment in pubs in the UK, including Digital Sales, which is run by Joe Ibrahim.  
Mr Ibrahim claimed that the ruling was unfair, and not consistent with copyright rules that covered other products.  
"If what we're doing is illegal then it will stop people bringing European cars into Britain and if you buy a DVD in Europe and have it shipped to you in Britain then that will be deemed illegal too," he said.  
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Re: Defeat in pub TV football appeal
Reply #1 - Dec 27th, 2007, 4:48pm
This just shows how greedy sky rules the world.what a Cheek for them to charge 6000! a disgrace! and seen as they wont bother to show live games on saturday,then they have no one else to blame but themselves!
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Re: Defeat in pub TV football appeal
Reply #2 - Jan 3rd, 2008, 6:16am
I have read that she is applying to the European Court for their judgment.
I happen to live in Southsea, and though it is not my local, I will visit and make enquiries. If there is no news, then I will not post!
Do Pub's have to have a special TV licence? i.e pay more than a householder? Just wondered!!
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Re: Defeat in pub TV football appeal
Reply #3 - Jan 3rd, 2008, 7:23am
Yes m8 pubs & clubs are different,it depends on the size of the pub from what i`ve seen 2 the amount they pay.if you go in a pub & they have sky on just have a look in the bottom right of the screen,you will see a logo of a pint pot.
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