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Message started by jetski-billy on Jan 17th, 2008, 10:36pm

Title: just cant keep away!!
Post by jetski-billy on Jan 17th, 2008, 10:36pm

well ive been away from the sat scene for the last 18 months and think its about time i re installed my equipment!!
ive currently got a couple of decent recievers in the loft, one being a trusty digiquest was top of the range, and also a 18 month old samsung both with/either embedded cams, diseque 1.2 and ci slots!!
also have a 1.2m dish kicking about with a superjack attached!!
ive various cams from long ago inc viaccess/seca/matrix/matrix reloaded and even a dragon cam with twin card readers and loader card, various waifer cards and the odd infinity usb proggrammer!!! lol

my question is..............

if i set up my reciever again can i still use the dragon cam?? (once updated obviously) and will it still open a fair ammount?

i think i can recall i never used a card in the cam (is this correct)

what am i likely to recieve if i do decide to re install??

many thanks in advance for any replies, all replies gladly welcome

best regards


Title: Re: just cant keep away!!
Post by invalid on Jan 18th, 2008, 7:11am

yes m8 your dragon cam will do you when updated,& yes after updating you don`t need a card unless you have 1 that will open something the cam won`t.
Still plenty of channels 2 go @ footy,films,porn etc 4 now anyway.


Title: Re: just cant keep away!!
Post by jetski-billy on Jan 18th, 2008, 8:06am


out comes the ol tools in the next few weeks!!! lol

i never got round to buying a cas interface tho so will invest in one

which means i didnt realy study how to do the updating of my cams!!

i scoured the boards last night for a bit but couldnt find much help,,

any chance in pointing me in the right direction??

glad to be back!!!!


Title: Re: just cant keep away!!
Post by invalid on Jan 18th, 2008, 3:08pm

get a cas 3 it programs cards & cams,you should have got a loader card with your dragon cam,you need this 2 load your cam with new firmware.
You will get the latest program 4 the cas3 from Duolabs site also there should be a readme i should imagine how 2 use it.(just do a search 4 duolabs not hard 2 find)
When card is programmed follow this.

Insert the programmed smartcard into the Dragon module. Insert this into a receiver
and turn on the receiver. make sure you are tuned to an FTA channel.

Go to the Common interface menu on the receiver, and select the "Dragon Loader" module.
In the next menu, select "yes, Load module".
Now a menu appears indicating that loading is in progress. To see the actual porgress percentage,
select "refresh". There is no auto-refresh because some receivers had problems with that....

When loading is complete, a menu appears saying "Loading successful". REMOVE the loader smartcard from the module, and switch off and turn back on the receiver.


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