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KOP'S For SALE (Read 1620 times)
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Oct 25th, 2009, 10:58am
LIVERPOOL could be forced to sell star striker Fernando Torres and inspirational skipper Steven Gerrard unless American owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks attract a wealthy investor and reduce the club’s huge debt.  
As Rafa Benitez (left) sends out his side today against Manchester United attempting to prevent a fifth straight defeat – which would be the club’s worst losing sequence in 56 years – a huge cash crisis is gripping the club.  
And just to make matters worse, key midfi elder Javier Mascherano, still dismayed by Liverpool’s refusal to let him join Barcelona in the summer, insists he does not want to sign a new contract on Merseyside.  
Gillett, who watched the 2-1 Champions League defeat against Lyon on Tuesday, has remained in England desperately trying to sell a large slice of his 50 per cent shareholding.  
He has been in constant talks with Saudi Arabia’s Prince Faisal, who has indicated that he is willing to pour millions into the club – providing the debts of £245million are substantially reduced by the American pair.
That leaves both Gillett and Hicks, who will also be at Anfi eld today to see the Manchester United game, wide open to big bids for their star players. Given any encouragement, wealthy Manchester City would willingly pay up to £70m for Torres, who is becoming increasingly frustrated by Liverpool’s failure to challenge for the Premier League title this season and their struggle in the Champions League.  
City, Barcelona, Chelsea and today’s opponents United all made bids for the Spaniard in the summer. There would also be no shortage of offers from Spain or Italy for skipper Steven Gerrard. The American owners will be targeted before today’s game by a protest march organised by supporters group ‘Spirit of Shankly’. They want the pair out. Benitez is being backed by the owners but will be dismayed to learn that Mascherano wants to leave.  
The Argentinian admitted: “I have talked with Rafa but I have not asked for a new contract.”
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