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Del Boys car (Read 1285 times)
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Del Boys car
Nov 23rd, 2008, 6:01pm
Lovely jubbly! Del Boy is finally set to make a proper killing when his Robin Reliant goes on sale. The Peckham trader's yellow Robin Reliant from the TV comedy "Only Fools and Horses" is set to sell for what the man himself would regard as a cushty price when it goes under the hammer this week.
The rusting 600cc three-wheeler featured in a 2002 Christmas Special of the cult television programme and it is expected to fetch up to 30,000 when it's auctioned at Bonhams on Tuesday.
The sought-after item bears the now legendary logo 'Trotters Independent Trading Co. New York, Paris, Peckham' and comes complete with furry dice and a pair of leopard skin knickers.
It even has a smoke machine to belch out the famous clouds of smoke which billowed from the exhaust when Del, played by David Jason, made a quick get away.
A set of blow-up dolls can be found in the boot - although these are not set to explode as they did with the show.  
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