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Get ready for winter (Read 1136 times)
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Get ready for winter
Oct 25th, 2008, 5:12pm
Met Office predicts Arctic weather will soon sweep across Britain
Enjoy walking through the crisp autumn leaves while you can, for next week winter truly arrives.  
Forecasters say the relatively mild sunny weather of the last few weeks is over and it's time to wrap up.  
Northerly winds are about to sweep across the country with a blast of rain, snow and sleet.  
Even places escaping the worst of the wintery showers may still get the first frosts of the season.  
Much of October has seen temperatures close to or above average.  
In many places, the sunshine and autumn colours have been a welcome tonic after the grey and wet summer.  
However, after a wet and windy weekend in the north and west, temperatures are expected to plunge.  
Deputy chief Forecaster at the Met Office, Mike Trigger said: 'This is the first widespread cold snap of the season with overnight frosts likely in many sheltered parts of the country'.
The breeze will bring a mix of sunshine and some snow showers, especially in the north, with the areas further east and south seeing the best of the dry, but chilly weather.
Barry Gromett, of the Met Office added:  'It's going to get a lot cooler next week, starting on Sunday.  The minimum temperatures overnight will be below zero. We'll really notice the difference because we're used to it being warm - even this week hasn't been particularly cold.  
'For much of October we've had winds from the south west, which have been quite mild. But a quick change in wind direction means that next week, Arctic winds will be coming in from the much colder regions of the north.
'This will be the first spell of widespread frost. We should also expect wintry, sleety showers and some snow on the hills.'  
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