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Interactive card slot activated on sky boxes (Read 6852 times)

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Interactive card slot activated on sky boxes
Sep 19th, 2008, 8:52am
Nuts TV is to become the first third party to use the second card slot in Sky set top boxes for a loyalty card scheme.
The scheme, "Nuts Loyalty", will use a viewer relationship management system from MiCard to allow viewers to redeem points earned by watching the Nuts TV channel to purchase items from brands including Dixons and Just Eat.
Points will be stored on the Nuts Loyalty card's chip and then converted into a voucher code that viewers may use online.
"I have been aware of the MiCard proposition for some time and at Turner were delighted to be the first broadcaster to bring it to market," said Turner Media Innovations commercial director Damon Letzer. "We recognize the need for broadcasters to engage with their customers just like any other consumer brand. This loyalty scheme allows our Sky viewers to actively involve themselves with the channel, be rewarded for their patronage, and given access to special events and content. Its a major development both in terms of commercialising the interactive slot of the Sky set top box and also optimising viewer engagement."
MiCard managing director Paul Hastings said that the company hopes "to add the necessary functionality so that other platforms can get involved".
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