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1w going to 5e or 5e going to 1w?! (Read 1999 times)

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1w going to 5e or 5e going to 1w?!
Apr 25th, 2008, 9:40pm
Canal Digital are discussing with MTG/Viasat to buy the Nordic Canal+ operation, giving them a monopoly on premium channels in the Nordic regions, in return Viasat would give up their own satellite platform on Sirius to Telenor/Canal Digital and the 1 west slot.
I would have thought that if Viasat are looking at C+ Nordic it would make sense to move the lot over to 5e? Maybe Gorth or Belmando knows anything else about this?
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Re: 1w going to 5e or 5e going to 1w?!
Reply #1 - Apr 26th, 2008, 9:23pm
hi steve  
its gonna be very spectacular move by MTG(viasat owner)if they can do it ,but mostly it might be  just a speculation that happened before ,when Steinbeck was in charge _very closed to sign _ but changed his mind .
I am against this cause we dont want a new  monopoly like in uk(sky)
we will see what gorth m8  says about this  
according to  the link you gave(its in swedish)its seems that Viasat will leave 5e to move 1 west,might be beter for  you
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