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TM6900HD patch fm Technomate ver 639 (Read 5803 times)
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TM6900HD patch fm Technomate ver 639
Apr 22nd, 2008, 4:24pm
I have now had a good look at the new TM6900HD Patch ver 639 s/w.
Upload your chan list and softcam (Key's with TM loader) to your PC
Do factory re-set
d/l the new patch from TM ver 639 to your rxr (receiver)
Now d/l the latest Magic Patch ver 635 (found on this forum)
d/l your chan list and then your softcam to the rxr.
All done!!!
Just to clarify. The new s/w from Technomate is mainly  for those that have an HDD recorder. I was confused at first. I thought I would be able to record one chan and watch another for that is what I wanted...WRONG!!!! what you can do is:  Record one chan and then watch a pre-recorded chan on the HDD recorder.
Another point is that I believe that you can only do this by using the RS232 and not with a mass storage device via the USB. I don't mind being corrected on any of the above. Please feel free.
Hope this helps.
Keith to some, bigglesk to others.
PS. I was unable to up-load the new TM ver639 as it excedded capacity by 14 kilobites
PS. You can find it here: -
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