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TM6900HD chanList and Soft cam for newbies!080408 (Read 2649 times)
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TM6900HD chanList and Soft cam for newbies!080408
Apr 9th, 2008, 12:01am
As I have had this receiver for some time, I think that the chan list and soft cam may help someone new to this. It has all the chans within the fav's that we can decrypt as far as I know. It is for a mot system 45W to 45E and all sats have been activated. The Fav's have been altered for ease of ident and chan's have been grouped into types...eg., Films; naughty;HD; sport, etc., If you see ("A") within the title this means that it is for adults only. Some Premier chans have also had their titles altered to ease ident. There are no radio or free view chan's included.
 If only one person d/l's this and finds it usefull,then it is worth while. I will d/l the file just to check that it is ok. The soft cam is current and up-to-date.
Hope it helps someone.
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TM6900ChanListAndSoftcamForNewbies.rar (attachment deleted)  

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