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CANAL+ / CANALSAT new cards? (Read 2216 times)

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CANAL+ / CANALSAT new cards?
Feb 13th, 2008, 8:57am
Posted elsewhere....
CANAL+ France Directors Board decided they had enough with SECA 2 Mediaguard system and it is time to shake the market again and replace all the cards in the market; millions and millions of cards and possibly boxes and CAMS.
For those who had to move from TPS to CANAL due to the merger last year it was messy and costly, now 2008 they decided for no apparent reason to ditch the usually reliable SECA2 Cards for a new system.
The switchover is due to start from March, new replacement cards will be sent by post to every subscriber
For over 3 years CANAL SECA 2 never been emulated in a damaging scale as with TPS, DIGITAL+, PREM...
Very few people know about this so far, and why the move from CANAL but they will get a letter or 2 from C+ with a new technical excuse  
We suspect; CANAL is having some hard-time dealing with broadcast conflict claims from other providers and justifying the huge EU and Worldwide subscriptions base is not easy; so recently they tightened the subscription procedure and now they think
shaking-up the system may get rid of many registration and black-market (official) cards that are sold for cash but no records or contract copies
More info to follow in the next few days; on C+ boxes, AstonCrypt Cams and the new C+ Cards
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Re: CANAL+ / CANALSAT new cards?
Reply #1 - Feb 13th, 2008, 4:40pm
Apparently they intend to do this in the space of 1 month, they must think they're bl**dy magicians. Grin
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