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New to TM1500ci+. This file may help you (Read 2410 times)
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New to TM1500ci+. This file may help you
Jan 14th, 2007, 5:48am
For “satis” and perhaps others
This file is for those that have just purchased or are new to the TM1500ci+ rxr. It will set-up all current TP’s (Transponders) it will also install a favourites list including just about all that is available for our hobby. Primarily, it is just TP’s/ channels and favourites list. You will still have to install the latest patch/files to get these channels.
 Before you install this file, I strongly recommend that you leave your dish on 1W as that is what I did when I tried it out. I deleted all channels and TP’s (everything!), installed this file and I had it all back.  
For those more experienced, I suggest that you make a copy of your present TP’s/chan/fav list before you try mine.
At least this should be helpful to some, and interesting to others. Just a bit of fun for all!!  Cool Cool
You will need the latest TM Loader_187 to do this, also your PC/laptop has to be connected directly to the rs232 on the rear of your rxr with a “Null modem cable” (Not a serial cable). To transfer this file; you do not need to turn off the power. The cable I use is female at both ends. This depends on your PC connection.
@sati  Hope you sort the above out ok
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tm1500_channels.rar (attachment deleted)  
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Re: New to TM1500ci+. This file may help you
Reply #1 - Feb 12th, 2007, 11:29pm
Very interesting information. Thank you! Wink
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