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Films on Taquilla 23rd / 30th March (Read 31316 times)

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Films on Taquilla 23rd / 30th March
Reply #30 - Mar 23rd, 2006, 11:35pm
Films on Taquilla 23rd / 30th March
Satellite: Astra 1C-2C & Hispasat  
Position: 19.2 east & 30W  
Frequency: 10788V & 11097V (19E) ; 12303V & 11931V (30W)  
Programming hours: 24 hours  
Encryptions: Nagravision 2  
March 23 to March 30
Taquilla 1 & 2
xXx: State of the Union (2005) NEW  Action / Crime / Adventure / Thriller
Starring Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson, Willem Dafoe andScott Speedman. Directed by Lee Tamahori.
NSA Agent Augustus Gibbons (Jackson), fresh off the success of his last renegade recruitment, once again finds himself in need of an outsider. Gibbons and his new agent (Ice Cube) must track a dangerous military splinter group, led by Willem Dafoe, that is conspiring to overthrow the U.S. Government in the nation's capital.
Taquilla 3
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) NEW Adventure / Comedy / Drama
Starring Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Cate Blanchett, and Anjelica Huston. Directed by Wes Anderson.
Steve Zissou, sea-film auteur a la Jacques Cousteau, has reason to be melancholy: his partner has been eaten, perhaps by a mythic jaguar shark, his wife may be taking up with her ex-husband, a young man appears claiming Steve is his father (Steve hates fathers), his most recent films have tanked, he's having trouble raising money for his venture to revenge his partner, and he's attracted to a pregnant reporter who prefers the pretender. At sea, in pursuit of the shark, will he escape pirates and mutiny, forge the bonds of fatherhood, place his arm around his wife, find the monster of the deep, re-establish box office hegemony, and discover a reason to smile?
Taquilla 4
The Polar Express (2004) NEW  Animation / Family / Fantasy / Adventure
Starring Tom Hanks, Leslie Harter Zemeckis, Nona Gaye and Eddie Deezen. Directed by Robert Zemeckis.
Santa Claus does not exist. Or does he? For one doubting boy (voice of Daryl Sabara and Tom Hanks), an astonishing event occurs. Late on Christmas Eve night, he lies in bed hoping to hear the sound of reindeer bells from Santa's sleigh. When to his surprise, a steam engine's roar and whistle can be heard outside his window. The conductor (voice of Tom Hanks) invites him on board to take an extraordinary journey to the North Pole with many other pajama-clad children. There, he receives an extraordinary gift only those who still believe in Santa can experience.
Taquilla 5
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical  
Starring Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly, Helena Bonham Carter and Noah Taylor. Directed by Tim Burton.
Charlie Bucket comes from a poor family, and spends most of his time dreaming about the chocolate that he loves but usually can't afford. Things change when Willy Wonka, head of the very popular Wonka Chocolate empire, announces a contest in which five gold tickets have been hidden in chocolate bars and sent throughout the country. The kids who find the tickets will be taken on a tour of Wonka's chocolate factory and get a special glimpse of the wonders within. Charlie miraculously finds a ticket, along with four other children much naughtier than him. Th
Taquilla 6
Blade: Trinity (2004) Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller
Starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Dominic Purcell and Jessica Biel. Directed by David S. Goyer.
As an apocalyptic event takes place that could shift the control of the planet Earth from the hands of humanity to the claws of vampires, the Daywalker, Blade (Snipes) is the only person who can turn the tide of the crisis against the undead blood suckers and prevent the world from becoming a "Planet of the Vampires". To make things a lot harder for Blade, the vampire leadership launches a public relations "smear campaign" against Blade, letting the world of humans know that he exists, so that the police start hunting him down, thinking he is some sort of horrible monster...
Taquilla 7
Ella Enchanted (2004) NEW Comedy / Fantasy / Romance / Adventure / Family
Starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes and Aidan McArdle. Directed by Tommy O'Haver.
Based on Gail Carson Levine's award winning novel, this is the story of Ella, a young woman who was given a "gift" of obedience by a fairy named Lucinda. Anything anyone tells her to do, she must obey. When her mother passes away, Ella is cared for by her thoughtless and greedy father who remarries a loathsome woman with two treacherous daughters. This modern-day, fantasy Cinderella features fairies, ogres and elves...as well as a hero in the guise of Prince Charmont, whom Ella falls in love with. Unlike Cinderella though, Ella must depend on herself and her intelligence to get her through her troubles and find Lucinda in order for her "curse" to be broken!
Hitch (2005) Comedy / Romance (showing late at night)
Starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James and Amber Valletta. Directed by Andy Tennant.
In New York, Alex Hitchen (Will Smith) is a kind of sentimental advisor, teaching each client how to date the woman of his dream. His present case is helping the clumsy Albert (Kevin James) to date the wealthy and powerful Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta). Meanwhile, Hitch has a crush on the gossip columnist Sara (Eva Mendes), who was assigned to write about Allegra. When the best girlfriend of Sara has a love disillusion with a man that Sara thinks that is a client of Hitch, she plots a revenge against Hitch and the misunderstanding leads the two couples to a conflictive situation.
Taquilla 8
The Pacifier (2005) Comedy / Action / Family / Thriller
Starring Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham, Faith Ford, Brittany Snow and Max Thieriot. Directed by Adam Shankman.
The film is the story of an undercover agent who, after failing to protect an important government scientist, learns the man's family is in danger. In an effort to redeem himself, he agrees to take care of the man's children only to discover that child care is his toughest mission yet.
Homeland Security (2004/I) (TV)  NEW (showing late at night) Drama / War
Starring Scott Glenn, Tom Skerritt, Grant Show, Marisol Nichols and Kal Penn. Directed by Daniel Sackheim.
This powerful drama chronicles the development of the Homeland Security Dept. Prior to the events of September 11th, 2001, the FBI, CIA, military and law enforcement agencies had a wealth of clues, warnings, hints and hunches. What was needed was a clear strategy and the resources to put that strategy into play. In this riveting portrait of intrigue and espionage, personal and professional lives intertwine as a courageous group of men and women risk their reputations and their lives for Homeland Security.
Regards Satdude.     Smiley
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