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New to Steve's Homepage? Please read our rules... (Read 14137 times)

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New to Steve's Homepage? Please read our rules...
May 3rd, 2003, 9:53pm
Like everywhere else, we would ask you to observe the rules of Steves Homepage - if you want our forums open!  
So here they come, please read them carefully.....  
Registering on Steves Homepage forums
If you decide to register on Steve's Homepage, we expect you to post at least one message, even if it's to introduce yourself!  
If you are having problems using the forums (keep getting logged out/error messages etc) please email us here and we will try to help.
All members who do not post any messages after 1 month of joining our forum will have their membership deleted. If you do not intend to post a message, do not register!  
If you do not post a message within six months of your first message, your user id will be deleted automatically. This does not stop you from re-registering again on the forums.  
The forums are intended for educational use only!  
Please do not use any information from these forums for commercial use (That means YOU Mr Pirate traders!)  
The forum is for learning and friendly conversation, not to make money from any information supplied by our members.  
Please do not post any keys on our forums!  
If you see keys posted on any of our forums, please inform a forum moderator, so they can remove them.  
Do not post links to sites or other forums that have keys or hexfiles available for download. Try using google instead!  
Be nice to everyone!  
Don't argue with anybody on the forums.  
Respect other members - the forum is here to help people learn whatever their level is in our hobby.  
Please use the English language
If you cannot speak English there are a number of websites that will translate to English - A post in English has a lot more chance of a reply!    
Enjoy yourself!
People tend to reply and offer more information to people who are friendly and honest in their posts, if you demand information or keep asking the same questions over and over again, the chances are you will get flamed!  
Examples of things we dont want to see here are -  
"Where's the keys for (whatever channel)"  
"Please email me the latest hexfile for..... "  
If you follow the rules, you'll have a good time here and learn a lot.  
If you don't follow the rules you will be warned by a forum moderator. If you continue to break the rules, you will be banned from this forum permanently. This may also affect any membership you have on other forums.  
We hope you will support us by keeping to these simple rules and to help keep the fourms open!  
new addition to the rules..........  
The Steve's Homepage Team  
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