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Granada Plus closes, ITV3 added to Sky EPG (Read 1159 times)

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Granada Plus closes, ITV3 added to Sky EPG
Nov 1st, 2004, 7:32pm
ITV3 Launches tonight 9pm UK
ITV plc announced today that it will take full control of the multi-channel operation Granada Sky Broadcasting (GSB) that operates Plus and Men & Motors  
ITV has agreed to buy Sky Ventures' 49.5% share for 10m net of liabilities, from any potential sale of Men and Motors.
Following the acquisition, GSB's channel Plus which was established in 1996 with Sky Ventures and Granada Media as shareholders has ceased transmissions.
On digital satellite Plus has been removed from the EPG a short while ago, ITV2 then moved from its previous position of 175 and can now be found on 118 and ITV3 has been added to channel 119.
Men and Motors will continue broadcasting in its current form pending a review of its long term future.
Commenting on the deal, Charles Allen, Chief Executive of ITV plc said: "We are delighted that ITV3 will be available on all digital platforms from launch, reaching the widest possible multi-channel audience. Incorporating recent popular drama from ITV1 and the best of Plus into ITV3 will create the strongest possible proposition for viewers and advertisers. This deal delivers on our strategic objective to build the ITV family of digital channels and will enable ITV3 to maximise its potential."
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