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Europa Europa in S*y Mexico (Read 503 times)

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Europa Europa in S*y Mexico
Sep 25th, 2003, 12:45pm
Europa Europa in Sky Mexico
Zone Vision, global producer and distributor of thematic channels has signed another major deal in Latin America. Mexicoís S*Y platform has snapped up the popular European cinema channel Europa Europa for 24 hour broadcast. Launching this month, the channel will form part of the platformís basic package.
The deal with S*Y Mexico has been agreed through Zone Visionís Latin American partners PRAMER S.C.A., the regionís leading company in content production and distribution.
Since its launch, Europa Europa has become the leading brand for European cinema in Latin America. Dubbed into two regional language versions, the channel consistently wins large audiences and has built a dedicated fan base across the region.
The deal increases Europa Europaís penetration to over 7 million homes across Europe and Latin America. This step completes the saturation of the channel across the region and highlights the continued dominance of Europa Europa as one of the highest rated channels on the continent. Roll out of the channel into new regions this year is imminent.
Europa Europa is the home of classic European cinema, from Oscar winning blockbusters to art-house favourites. With featured directors including among others, Bernardo Bertolucci, Luc Besson, Roman Polanski, Kenneth Branagh and Ingmar Bergman, Europa Europaís comprehensive catalogue of seminal screen works is truly representative of Europeís kaleidoscopic cinematic tradition.
Chris Wronski, Zone Vision President, said:  
"Europa Europa has been a fantastic success in Latin America and we are delighted to bring the channel to new audiences. Our key aim is global penetration and we have a number of exciting deals in the pipeline across our portfolio of channels."  
Regards SATDUDE.  ;D
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