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Marey Carey v Arnold Swazzeneggar! (Read 506 times)
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Marey Carey v Arnold Swazzeneggar!
Aug 10th, 2003, 4:11pm
I see "tough guy" Arnold Swazzeneggar is fighting for the Governorship of California. He's up against Porn guru Larry Flynt and porn star Mary Carey.
I'd know whom I'd rather "be up against" and it wouldn't be either Larry or Arnold!
Nudge, nude, wink, wink, say no more! Grin
By the way, Arnold is always bragging that he's brainy:
"I cames from the Easten Europe and lived in da United States zince 1968."
Hey, Arnold, if you're so intelligent, how come your foriegn accent is still thick as mud?
My next door neighbour came from Poland five years and couldn't speak a word of English. Now her English is brilliant.  Top marks for her, but a dunce's hat for Arnie. Wink
Hokey. Grin
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