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Transponder update 25/07/03 (Read 978 times)

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Transponder update 25/07/03
Jul 25th, 2003, 10:35pm
Transponder update 25/07/03
Eutelsat W4***36.0East  
Radio channel Retro has replaced TNV on  12073L   SYM:27500   FEC 3/4   (NetService)
EuroBird 1***28.5East
S^y Digital: New SID for Playboy TV on 11426V   SYM:27500    FEC 2/3    SID52511  VPID2326    APID2327 English   VideoGu^rd
Astra 2B***28.2East
S^y Digital: PID have changed for E! Entertainment TV: VPID2306   APID2307 English  SID50560    12304H    SYM:27500    FEC 2/3    VideoGu^rd
S^y Digital: PID have changed for S^y Travel Shop: VPID2308   APID2309 English    SID9313 12304H    SYM:27500    FEC 2/3    VideoGu^rd
Hot Bird 6***13.0East
TV channel Reform TV (package HRT) has appeared on  12520V    SYM:27500   FEC 3/4    SID8330      VPID53   APID54     FTA   (HRT)
Eutelsat W1***10.0East  
TV channel ANTENA 1 Bucuresti has replaced TGRT.com.tr on 11054V   SYM:4375   FEC 5/6
TV channel IHA has replaced Internet on  11062V   SYM:6600   FEC 3/4   (IHA feeds)
Regards SATDUDE.  Wink
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