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Message started by woodmanfood on Sep 21st, 2004, 9:36pm

Title: ebay
Post by woodmanfood on Sep 21st, 2004, 9:36pm

hi all
       i have been on ebay i need 100 rubber plastic ducks for a duck race to raise money, for fun days on our caravan site for the children on the site.
    so i found some on ebay being sold for 65 per 100 i thought this is just what i want with the posage the total invoice is 73.
       so I ordered them through paypal. fine payment sent.
       today i had a phone call from the seller (newdawn auctions ltd) telling me that they have gone up by ten pounds,
          he had a price rise from his suppler and asked me to pay the extra, as he is a one man business with a family and cannot sell them to me because he would be loosing money on them.
        i did point out that he has advertised them at 65 i comfirmed by email with him before hand.before i purchased them so it was his problem.and he was breaking the law to advertise at one price and then ask for more money after he had recieced my payment from paypal, he agreed with me at this point but could not sell them to me, and he has refunded my money through paypal, got intouch with paypal to make sure they would not charge and explained to them,but they only deal with transactions,
    they told me to report him to ebay,
i dont want to go down the track of trade discriptions

 any sugestions

i still need 100 rubber plastic ducks anyone know were i can get some from

Title: Re: ebay
Post by abr on Sep 21st, 2004, 10:56pm

Hi woodmanfood.

a well known saying where we come from.

"well f**k a duck" ;D ;D

sorry to hear about your plight m8

but the trader should really have let you have them at

the original price.

my wife says to try "Hooty's"

you know where that is m8 don't you.

its near to you.

all the best.


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