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Message started by haga on Oct 9th, 2003, 8:11pm

Title: Help !!!
Post by haga on Oct 9th, 2003, 8:11pm

How do you get rid of the smell of  decomposing flesh ?
No, I haven't done away with the mrs, before I went away at the weekend I had a slight smell of gas in the porch where the boiler is, I said I'd look at it when I got back, on Monday she called the gas board because it had got worse, he checked for leaks and couldn't find anything, she phoned me and I was clueless as to what the smell was.
Anyway, it appears a mouse or something similar has fallen between the cavity and is slowly decompossing, the stench is awful, every time we open the door and go through the porch to the front door we have to hold our breath, it is the most discusting smell imaginable.
We have a dozen bloody air fresheners of different ilk out there and it is still bad, I know that eventually it will go, but, has anyone got any suggestions as to what to do to disguise the smell, it's making me reach!

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by abr on Oct 9th, 2003, 8:40pm

hi haga.

try keeping a couple of pigs in there for a while till the smell of the mice goes away that should do the trick ;D ;D ;D.

failing that you could perhaps try a small electric fan.
and keep the air freshners renewed.

all the best

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by locktightT on Oct 9th, 2003, 8:58pm


Ring rentokil m8, they should be able to do something for you!

T ;D

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by blue604 on Oct 9th, 2003, 9:02pm

:)Worst smell there can so bad a stink come from something so small......Lavender is the cure for getting rid of the smell and keeping the vermin out(as long as you keep it fresh).

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by BUNTER on Oct 9th, 2003, 9:51pm

give your local enviroment department a call they must act as its a enviromental issue concerning public helth and its free most of the time too

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by haga on Oct 10th, 2003, 4:09pm

Thanks for your input guys, enviromental health wouldn't do anything, not even a suggestion, bastards!
so far then I have, two pigs in the porch and an electric fan, rentokil would only put poison down which seems daft as the fcucking mouse is already dead! half hundred weight of lavender, 20 industrial strength air freshners and to top it all I left my coat in the porch, when I put it on it stank! dry clean only (bollocks)
Guy's, the smell is still unbelievable, how long before the thing stops decompossing? answered the door to the milkman to pay him and he ran off, lol

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by blue604 on Oct 10th, 2003, 6:21pm

:)Haga mate,
                     your in for a long haul, we get them every year in one or two of our sheds.....the smell seems to take for ever going. You need somebody like my mrs, she can smell them before there dead.....and while still in the cavity's.
THe only sure way of getting rid of the smell at once is, find the cadaver and bury it or burn(outside) it.

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by cucuz on Oct 10th, 2003, 6:55pm

As blue604 says all the other things you are doing are masking attempts - the only remedy is to locate the carcass and remove it ( although if you can locate it but not retrieve it you could try regularly soaking it with bleach ) . Good luck !  ;)

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by bud-fzr1000 on Oct 10th, 2003, 7:05pm

Hi Haga m8.
                   i know this is not the answer but have tried using the back door  ??? ... Sorry m8 i could not help it ;D ;D

                                 Cheers Bud

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by BUNTER on Oct 10th, 2003, 7:27pm

what about acid or custic soda
move to aberdeen our health officials are better m8
you`ll need to get a camera down there in case its not animal but human :-X ;D

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by haga on Oct 10th, 2003, 9:13pm

lol, thanks guy's, if I could bottle the smell I'd send it to you, can't locate it, it's somewhere in the cavity, although it's getting to the stage where I might knock the fcucking house down to get rid of the smell.
@bud, we are using the back door mate, you should see the look on the peoples faces that knock at the front door, me holding my breath and then they catch a smell, the look on their faces when they get a whiff is sheer delight, lol,

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by bud-fzr1000 on Oct 11th, 2003, 5:44pm

all laughing apart m8 just be careful what you put down the cavity because you can get some bad gases when you start mixing cleaning agents ;)


Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by bill2000 on Oct 11th, 2003, 9:55pm

Hi Haga,

This is a serious solution m8, and it takes less than a week.

As it's a porch, I presume yuor not looking at a massive area of brickwork, so what you do is drill 1 or 2 20mm holes in the outside brickwork as low as possible but above the dampcourse (drill the mortar joint), then you go to your nearest fishing tackle shop and buy a bag full of bluebottle maggots and feed them through the holes with a pencil or similar. Tha maggots head for the rotting body, eat it clean to the bone and then leave through the holes after turning into fly's (or the stupid ones snuff it if they can't find the holes) The more maggots you put in, the quicker the smell will go, but I reckon a pint of the little darlings will get rid of the stink inside a week.

good luck mate...........Bill.

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by haga on Nov 9th, 2003, 1:24pm

As a footnote to the above, I used bills idea of maggots, I didn't tell the mrs as when I mentioned it as an idea she said if I did it she'd leave home (bollocks! missed my chance lol) anyway, the smell hasn't been around for ages and I'd forgotten all about it, until about thursday of this week.
I noticed a few flies in the porch, groggy but flying, I opened the front door and flicked them out, it wasn't until a load more arrived on saturday that the penny dropped, the maggots! the wife noticed the flies and asked how they had got there, fuck knows I said, some maggots must have got to the dead body after all, not sure if she believes me but, I know my secret is safe on here, aint it guys!

Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by crobin57 on Nov 9th, 2003, 2:17pm


Title: Re: Help !!!
Post by blue604 on Nov 9th, 2003, 9:00pm

:PDoes this mean you've bred some Mouse fly's?....groan... :D

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