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Message started by SATDUDE on Jul 17th, 2003, 7:10pm

Title: Transponder update 17/07/03
Post by SATDUDE on Jul 17th, 2003, 7:10pm

Transponder update 17/07/03


ABS^T has activated two new Viacc^ss IDs

Vias^t has started testing Viacc^ss 2

Nagravis^on tests are present at 23°East

Eurobird 1***28.5East

The MATV & SAB TV promo has left 11390H replaced by a test card    SID52408  VPID2324  APID2325  (S^y Digital)

A Playboy TV test card has started on 11426V    FTA  SYM:27500    FEC 2/3  SID52530  VPID2306  APID2307  (S^y Digital)

Live TV has started testing on 11426V  FTA  SYM:27500  FEC 2/3    SID52525  VPID2320  APID2321  (S^y Digital)

Arabsat 2D***25.8East

The Salmiyah test card is back on 11013H  FTA    SYM:2200    FEC 3/4  SID1  VPID401  APID405

Super Station FM 99.7 is also on 11013H  FTA    SYM:2200    FEC 3/4  SID1  APID406

Hotbird 3***13.0East

Tamil TV Network is encrypted again in Viacc^ss 2 on 12245H    SYM:27500  FEC 3/4  SID104  VPID124  APID134  (GlobeCast)

NTV Hayat has started on 12303V  Viacce^ss 2    SYM:27500    FEC 3/4  SID3220  VPID270 APID271  (RTV Slovenija)

Tele 5 (Poland) has left 12322H

Zee TV Europe is now  FTA on 12476H    SYM:27500    FEC 3/4    SID10604  VPID910  APID911  (Belgacom)  Encrypted again latest

Zee Cinema UK is also now  FTA on 12476H    SYM:27500    FEC 3/4    SID10604  VPID915  APID916  (Belgacom)  Encrypted again latest
Eutelsat W3***7.0East

RTNC and the CRTV test card have left 11061H

Sirius 2 ***4.8East

ESPN Classic Sport Italia has started again on 12111H    FTA    SYM:27500    FEC 5/6  SID0  VPID351  APID352  (Kingston inmedia)  

Atlantic Bird 3***5.0West

The Tamasha promo is back on 12669H  FTA    SYM:30000    FEC 5/6  SID607  VPID256  APID257  (GlobeCast New York)  

Nilesat 101***7.0West

An ART Aflam 2 info card has started on 11804H  FTA    SYM:27500    FEC 3/4  SID1013  VPID3133  APID3134  (ADD)

Dubai 33 new FRQ: 12015V    SYM:27500  FEC 3/4    SID1302  VPID1005  APID1006

Dubai 33 has left 12272V  

Telstar 12***15.0West

The ADTH package has left 12577H

Hispasat 1C***30.0West

Antena 3 has left 11851V replaced by a Via Digital promo  SID3  VPID4352  APID4353  (Vía Digital)

The Lusomundo Gallery tests have left 11811H

Regards SATDUDE.  ;)

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